Full JJB pickup install in my Hamano Tenor

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Reviews, Ukulele

My new JJB pickup is now installed in my Hamano tenor and it sounds awesome.  I can’t recommend these pickups enough and Jessie’s service is second to none.  Take my advice, don’t even consider an under-saddle pickup before you try one of these babies.  You can find full details on JJB Electronics’ website.

Before anyone asks, I paid for the two pickups I have purchased from JJB and my comments are based solely on my experience of the product and the service from JJB!

Installation was an absolute cinch as I asked Jessie to provide me with a pickup with a short lead, terminating in a 2.5mm jackplug.  I ran this into an endpin jack that had a 2.5mm socket to take the lead from the pickup.  It really was almost plug and play and no soldering was necessary.  I think the whole operation took about 30 minutes.

I was going to describe the process in detail but as we all know “a picture paints a thousand words” and a vid is just plain awesome.  Check this out…


I used double sided tape and the pickup is still there after 3 weeks so we will see how it goes.  Incidentally don’t go and buy a special luthier’s endpin jack reamer (you know who sells them for $69.95!).  Here in the UK I bought a 1/2″ step drill from fleabay for £5.00 that did the job perfectly.


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