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Jonas from UkuTabs tells me that he now has over 300 tabs on his wonderful site, all of which he has personally checked for accuracy/key etc.  Remember, the more tabs everyone submits, the better the resource becomes for all of us.  Great work Jonas!


I thoroughly recommend that non USA based players take a look at Unlike another well known uke tab site, all of the tabs are accessible on this side of the pond.  

The site is full of very sound advice for newcomers to this wonderful instrument as well as being a great source of tabs.

In the words of the Dalai Lama “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”. Get good karma by submitting tabs to tab sites as well as just taking them – that way we all learn and you will learn from the process of tabbing songs yourself.

Thought I’d give you a link to this delightful site .  Take a rummage through his song sheets – there are some really lovely ‘old timey’ tunes there.  Thanks for this Ukester Brown.

This planxty by the blind Irish harpist (harper if you are Irish!) is played so beautifully, on what I think is a Bruko uke, that it it sounds as if it really is being played on a harp.  I’ve been playing it myself for the past few days (tab here on page 20 – thanks Ukulele Hunt!)

Just added a link to the San Jose Uke Club songbook on the songbook page – some oldies but some interesting tabs as well.

If you don’t already know about Betty Lou’s site then get over to it sometime soon.  This is an amazing resource for song sheets and if you can’t find a song anywhere else you may well find it here – particularly if you are looking for songs from the 20th century – whoah doesn’t that sound weird!

I’m getting to the stage where I see stuff on the Antiques Roadshow that I remember owning and ‘classic cars’ are just the old bangers that I drove as a teenager.

Check out this page for songbooks assembled by uke groups from all over the UK (and Ireland).