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Check out the Marlow Uke Group website.  Brian started this group in February of this year and up to 40 members regularly attend on alternate Monday nights.  Unfortunately Monday night has been difficult for me of late because of work commitments but I’m looking forward to getting to a meeting soon.

Brian has done an amazing job on the website and in my opinion it’s one of the best sites around for information for beginners.  As well as the really well produced songbooks, Brian has put a wealth of help on the site from chord diagrams to strumming patterns – only recently he has added a brilliantly clear section on finger-picking including a couple of really useful ‘Travis’ patterns.

Well done Brian for bringing so much pleasure to a lot of people and thanks for all your hard work on the website!


I thoroughly recommend that non USA based players take a look at Unlike another well known uke tab site, all of the tabs are accessible on this side of the pond.  

The site is full of very sound advice for newcomers to this wonderful instrument as well as being a great source of tabs.

In the words of the Dalai Lama “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”. Get good karma by submitting tabs to tab sites as well as just taking them – that way we all learn and you will learn from the process of tabbing songs yourself.

This site  is absolutely crammed with useful stuff for us Ukers.  Make sure you try the really cool Circle of 5ths app that is embedded in the site.  Many thanks to Alles-Ukes.

Top 50 Ukulele Sites


Thought I’d give you a link to this delightful site .  Take a rummage through his song sheets – there are some really lovely ‘old timey’ tunes there.  Thanks for this Ukester Brown.

Check out Zoe Bestel’s website here

If you want to practice your Beatles chops check out .  This beautifully constructed site will give you hours of fun and help you to improve your playing no end. I love it!

Ukulefty’s uke haven

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Ukulele web sites

Ukulefty’s uke haven

Check out this quirky little blog that inspired me to start my own.  Written by a guy who lives not far from me and who I often meet at local sessions.  Just lovely…….