Songbooks and song sheets

I have spent a lot of time hunting down good chord sheets for songs and in my searches I’ve found loads of great songbooks which represent the work of many dedicated individuals in uke groups around the UK.

I’m going to link to as many as I can on this page in the hope that it will make other ukers’ searches that little bit easier.

As I have found all these songboooks on the web I have assumed that they are in the public domain, but if anyone has any concerns about their work being referenced on my blog, please make contact with me and I will remove references immediately.

The first place I’d recommend that you head for songbooks is  The author has done an amazing job of compiling links to some really great songbooks.  I’ll add to his/her work by adding some more here as I come across them.

Although it’s a fairly new site http://http://ukutabs.htm is really gathering steam and is a great resource, especially if you are looking for newer songs.

marlow uke group1

marlow uke group2



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